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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Learn to Speech Without Preparation

The meaning of extemporaneous is something that done without planning or preparation. Therefore, an extemporaneous speech is a spontaneously created speech that spoken without taking a note or memorizing it first. Extemporaneous speech usually given for school or college assignments, or may be a business presentation. You may have an awesome presentation skills, but will it help you in a sudden speech? Don't be panic of what should you do in an extemporaneous speech because it will only ruin your confidence. And your presentation skills is not that useless, you can still count on it as long as you follow the tips provided here:
learn to speech without preparation
Learn to speech without preparation 
  1. Before start your speech, make yourself relax by taking a deep breath or drinking a glass of water.
  2. To find an opening line for extemporaneous speech: If there are no topics given, you can analyze the current event or issue from the news or the internet. But this is very uncommon because the topic is usually given. So you can just ask yourself a question that related to the topic. It may be a question about fact, value, or policy. From that question you can start a speech. Every time you feel stuck on some idea but you still have time remaining for your speech, just ask yourself another question. You can involve the audience in the discuss as well, this will help you a lot in spending your time. 
  3. Stay in the subject! Don't ever think to change the subject decided. Avoid getting distracted by always thinking some argument of the topic. Support your argument using evidence, statistics, or any other reference you know.
  4. Always keep the determination of speech, whether it is to describe or to persuade.
  5. Make your time management effective, and you can also add some funny extemporaneous speech to help you avoid the awkward silence.